Our Story

The Foodbury journey started in 2009 when Advitya, my nephew, was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, a condition also known as celiac disease. He wasn’t even three years old then, and his was a typical north Indian household—routinely consuming roti, upma, halwa, puri, and other wheat products. He could no longer eat any of these. This posed a big adjustment for my sister and Foodbury co-founder Pooja, who asked every friend visiting from abroad to bring bags full of food for him.

Over time, we got introduced to the growing world of food allergens. Every time we went to visit the doctor, we’d meet people with a variety of diet restrictions, such as gluten, eggs, dairy, soya and nuts. There was such a paucity of information that we would instantly connect with strangers in hospital waiting rooms, discussing where to find products that suited our allergen conditions, which doctors to consult for guidance, and how to care for someone who has a dietary restriction.

Each one of us, however, faced one common problem—finding food that we can eat safely. That’s when the idea of developing Foodbury into a store for those with special diet needs was born.

With your patronage, today we have expanded into carefully selected categories beyond gluten-free food. You will now find a painstakingly curated range of foods for Diabetics, children and health-enthusiasts. We are very excited about our ‘Better Kitchen’ segment which brings to you healthier choices for non-food kitchen items from freezer bags to natural vegetable cleaners.

If you need just one reason to join the Foodbury family, let it be this – we put a lot of thought and research in our product selection so that you can trust us to give you the safest and healthiest options!

We hope Foodbury will become your preferred shopping destination—for yourself or a family member. Together, let’s eat better and live healthier – one bite at a time!

Aarti Kothari

Our Story