The Foodbury journey started two years ago when Advitya, my son, was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, a condition also known as celiac disease. He wasn’t even three years old then, and we were a typical north Indian household—routinely consuming roti, upma, halwa, puri, and other wheat-products. My son could no longer eat any of these, or for that matter, any product containing wheat in it.

Slowly, we got introduced to the growing world of food allergens. Every time we went to visit the doctor, we’d meet others with allergies to food products, such as gluten, eggs, lactose, soya and nuts. There was such a paucity of information that we would instantly connect with strangers in hospital waiting rooms, discussing where to find products that suited our allergen conditions, which doctors to consult for guidance, and how to care for someone who has a dietary restriction.

It took us a while to figure out that there are a growing number of Indians who cannot eat anything and everything. Some have to watch their sugar intake because of diabetes, others have to control sodium and cholesterol due to the poor health of their hearts.

Each one of us, however, faced one common problem—finding food that we can eat. Not every retail store stocked up gluten-free or lactose-free food products. In fact, despite being a common ailment, diabetic food products aren’t easily available either. That’s when the idea of developing Foodbury into a store for those with special diet needs came up.

We hope Foodbury will become your preferred shopping destination—for self or a family member. Together, let’s eat better and live healthier –one bite at a time!

Pooja Kothari


Meet The Team

Aarti Kothari
MBA, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
BA, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi

At 30, the world was at Aarti’s feet. She had a great job as a marketing pro with the largest telecom brand in the country. She had an MBA from one of the top institutes in India. And, the future looked predictably glowing: more promotions, fatter pay cheques and a rise up the corporate ladder. Yet, earlier this year, Aarti gave it all up and turned into an entrepreneur. At Foodbury, she leads all marketing initiatives and handles vendor relationships.

Amit David Wilson
MBA, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
BA, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi

Amit’s a director on the board of Foodbury. He brings a considerable experience in the world of business and finance—through his stints with Deutsche Bank and Avendus Capital—and start-ups, since he’s the founder of two businesses and an advisor to many others. At Foodbury, Amit guides the team on matters of strategy.

Pooja Kothari
MA, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi
BA, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi

With more than a decade of experience in business journalism, Pooja had been a keen spectator of entrepreneurship till recently. During her stints with The Economic Times—India’s largest selling business newspaper—and, more recently, as the editor of Inc. India magazine, she was inspired by the tales of gritty businesspeople, starting out against all odds to create their own legacy. With Foodbury, Pooja finally hopes to get a chance to write her own story in the world of entrepreneurship. Her experience in managing her son’s special dietary needs allows her to lend a consumer’s perspective to the business. At Foodbury, Pooja is the spirit behind the brand and spearheads all operations and business development.