Are all your products actually what they claim to be?

Foodbury ensures that product certifications are valid and from the competent authority. However, we do not test actual product contents. Therefore, we take no responsibility for the actual contents of a product. The manufacturer is ultimately responsible for the ingredients used in the products.

What is gluten-free?

There’s a growing number of Indians who cannot tolerate gluten – a protein contained in wheat and wheat products. They cannot eat suji, maida, atta, oats, barley and rye (different from the black mustard seeds used in Indian cooking). This group of people requires a gluten-free diet. Foodbury brings together products of all manufacturers of gluten-free foods in India.

How do I pay for my purchases at Foodbury?

Please pay cash when you receive the goods. In case you are not receiving them personally, please leave cash behind with the person who is taking the delivery on your behalf.

Can I use credit/ debit cards to pay for my online purchases?

Research suggests that Indians are most comfortable paying for their purchases in cash. We, therefore, extend that facility to you for your peace of mind. In case you want to make an electronic payment, please make a direct credit into our bank account. We’d be happy to give you the details on phone.

What is My Account?

My Account ensures that you do not have to re-enter information when you visit us the second time or the third, or thereafter – unless you have something new to add. Your contact details and shipping address will be automatically updated. You can also view your purchasing history, if you would like to. Please note that Foodbury does not share your information with any outside party.

How do I know my order has been confirmed?

You will get an email/ phone call from Foodbury asking for confirmation of your order before it is processed. We will also keep you updated via SMS about the progress of your transaction.

What is the estimated delivery time?

We typically deliver within 3 to 5 working days in Delhi NCR. However, we can work something specially out for you in case you need it sooner or later. Please feel free to call us up to discuss your individual needs.

How are items packaged?

Foodbury takes utmost care to ensure that products reach you in a good condition. We bubble wrap products to protect against breakage and tear, and pack them in a water-proof packaging to ensure their safety.


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