How do I pay for the goods I buy on this website?

For your convenience and peace of mind, Foodbury is happy to accept Cash on Delivery. If that is not convenient, you can make an electronic payment into our bank account. Please call us up for the details.

What is Cash on Delivery?

Cash-on-Delivery (C-o-D) requires you to pay at the time of actual delivery of goods to you, rather than making the payment in advance.

Do you charge extra for C-o-D purchase?

We do not charge anything for offering this facility. If anything, we only request you to make sure that you leave the exact amount of cash with whoever is receiving the delivery on your behalf.

Do I pay only for the goods, or are there any other charges (VAT or Sales Tax)?

There are no extra charges for the goods you purchase. The price shown on the website is exactly what you pay for the goods and is inclusive of all applicable taxes. We offer free delivery of goods for orders above Rs 1,500

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If you need any other information, please contact us.

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